Who We Are


UBS manufactures 100% effective, environmentally-friendly products to eliminate contamination of water reservoirs and reduce the footprint of the O&G industry.


We specialize in:

  • Flowback water cleanup
  • Production water cleanup
  • Clean water filtration
  • Water recycling
  • VERY economical conversion of ocean water to fresh water
  • Commercial investments
  • Work-over repairs
  • Qualified, certified and highly trained H2S gas specialists are available to address any issues that you have with dangerous and corrosive H2S Gas.
  • Very environmentally friendly, safe, cost effective products for the O&G Industry. Click the button below to view some of the products and services we specialize in.




UBS Envirolyte O&G™ – The Biocide of Choice

UBS Envirolyte O&G™ Biocide offers you a safe, 100% effective and biodegradable alternative to traditional chemical biocides for controlling bacteria in crude oil production and processing.

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